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8 Jun
24 Jun
Sommersportwoche 3BHH
24.06.2019 - 28.06.2019

Our English teacher Mrs. Friedl-Scharf organized an English workshop for our class (2AHH). It took place on Wednesday 4 February.







After a delicious lunch, which was sponsored by our headmaster Dr. Gerhard Veidl, we started with the workshop. Mrs. Lissette Waldenberger, who was born in NYC (Manhattan) and teaches as a native English speaker in Vienna, ran the workshop. Mrs. Waldenberger, who has lived in many different parts of the world including Spain and Ecuador, is now married to an Austrian and has three children.


The title of our workshop was “Still trying to figure it out!” At first we asked her some questions about her life. She gave us the task to write a ‘scrap book’ and to note down things which inspired us during the workshop. It was completely up to us how we wanted to organize the book so that it looks good, organized, but personal.

Then we played THE NAME GAME to get to know each other better. We had to form sentences with adjectives that start with the same letter as our names. This was sometimes quite complicated. Afterwards we watched a video about feminism and discussed it in detail. We took a break to get some snacks.

After that we played some more games. Mrs. Waldenberger also told us some inspiring quotes to write in our book. Some examples: Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things-----Peter F. Drucker; A friend in need is a friend indeed------Latin Proverb.


We also watched the video ‘Edge of Seventeen’ and discussed the lyrics.

Before we had to say goodbye she told us again to write our thoughts into our ‘scrap book’.

The workshop was great fun and Mrs. Waldenberger is a very impressive and lovely person. We are all really glad that we had the opportunity to take part in this workshop and improve our reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. Unfortunately Mrs. Friedl-Scharf was absent because she was down with the flu – but we constantly kept in touch with her via WhatsApp.


Valentina Matijevic, Elmedina Subasic, Funda Cekic (IIa)















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